Khinalug village

The highest and most isolated village in Azerbaijan – Khinalug village has 5000-year history – this is one of the ancient settlements in the world.

Khinalug (Xinaliq) is located 60 km southwest of Guba at an elevation of 2,100 meters, making it safe from would-be invaders. Rugged cliffs of limestone and granite cut the village off from any enemy, not to mention the rest of civilization.

Khinalig’s original defense system consisted of fortress walls and towers. The walls have not been preserved, but you can still see the evidence of one crumbling pyramid-like watchtower. Older villagers believe that the tower was also used as a temple for an ancient fire worship cult.

The first records of this people date back to the first century AD in the Roman historian Pliny’s writings and in famous Strabo’s Geography. But a speaking proof of extreme antiquity of the village is its 8 large graveyards, whose area is much larger than that of Khinalug (Xinaliq) itself. The graves, made in 3 and even 4 layers, bear inscriptions in different alphabets on their gravestones.

An ancient Greek scholar Heredot said, There were 26 tribes speaking different languages in ancient Caucasus Albania (northern Azerbaijan).

Khinalug village
Khinalug village
Khinalug village

Khinalug (Xinaliq)  is famous for its unique language, which is native to no other location.

Surrounded by mountains and green valleys at summer, Khinalug offers fabulous natural scenery.

Khinalug village boasts of some of the best hiking and camping in Azerbaijan. The surroundings of the village are wide open and include nearby caves with a waterfall. The water is actually filtering through the cliff rocks. More extensive hikes can be done by using a guide book or hiring a local guide. Horses can also be rented to carry gear and/or people.

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