Tomb of prophet Noah tour


It is an architectural monument of the VIII-XII centuries, in the area of Kohnagala, in the South part of Nakhchivan. In the article “The city of Nakhchivan and the Nakhchivan uyezd” by K.A.Nikitin, a russian educator who lived in Nakhchivan in the 80s of the XIX century, the grave and tomb of his Excellency, prophet Noah was depicted as follows: “The grave of Noah is situated near the remainders of the old fortress, in the South of Nakhchivan city. The today’s image of the grave was restored in the 8th century. Today’s grave reminds the tomb not higher from the ground. Before there was a temple, but then it was destroyed. Today’s tomb consists of the remainders of that temple. The interior of the temple to go downstairs is round and was enforced with a stone pole in the center and is a vault type. According to the legend, the grave of Noah is situated under it. There is no depiction of the images and decorations in the vault. The walls of the vault were whitened, and the names of the travellers and pilgrimagers were written in different languages on the walls”. With the help of local people, Nikitin compelled and wrote the legends about the link of prophet Noah with this land and identified place of grave. While V.M.Sisoyev gives information about “The tomb of Noah” in his work, he states that the sides of the vault were in the octogonial prism form of 2,5m. At the beginning of the XX century, Bahruz Kangarli, the founder of the Azerbaijan realist work of Artist (1892-1922), painted the tomb of Noah from nature in oil paint. Along with the tomb of Noah, the place of tomb was also described in the painting.
There are enough more legends about the grave of Noah in Nakhchivan. According to the legend, during the world storm the ark of prophet Noah struck the Ilandagh which is situated in the territory of Nakhchivan and then dropped anchor on the mountain slope near the top of Gapijig. Naming that place Gamigaya, the existence of the Nabi land summer pasture and very ancient dwelling place named Nuhdaban not far from ground on the reality of the sources resembled in the legend. In the stories connected with prophet, Noah there is information that his and even his sister’s graves were in the city of Nakhchivan. I.Shopen, Dyubua-de Monpere, K.A.Nikitin, V.M.Sisioyev, and other investigators gave information about the tomb of Noah