Momina Khatun Tomb

Momina Khatun Tomb is masterpiece of the famous architect Ajami Nakhchivani and the most valuable monuments of the architectural school of Nakhichevan – Maragha. It is located within the Atabek Complex of Architecture in Nakhchivan city historical centre.

Momina Khatun tomb is the only monument from that complex which reached us. On the top of body of the tomb, in the writings above – in the main book of the monument, it is written: … this tomb was ordered to be built by educated in the world, just and great victor Shamsaddin Nusrat al- Islam and al Muslimin Jahan Pahlavan Abu Jafar Muhammad ibn Atabay Atabay Eldagiz …for the memory of religion in the world, Islam, and fame of the Muslims – Momina Khatun!…

Momina Khatun Tomb. Best historical places of Azerbaijan
Momina Khatun Tomb. Best historical places of Azerbaijan
Momina Khatun Tomb. Best historical places of Azerbaijan

Before the headstones of the buried people in the vault were robbed and taken away. Very masterly restoration works were carried out with the precious stone in the vault (2003). The vault is of the original structure and possesses a rich design work. The column situated in the center joins with each corner of the decagonal in the arched form. This style of the vault then was used in the West, in the Gothic architecture. The aboveground part of the tombMomuna Khatun Tomb is decagonal from the outer (it was bordered with the Cufic inscriptions on either side), but its interior is round form. There are four round medallions in which the names of the Caliphs were written inside the dome. The corners of the Momuna Khatun Tomb built of baked bricks are of the projection form but the surfaces were completed in a hollow form. The projections in the corners of the tomb were covered with the inscriptions written in the Cufic lettering. The length of those inscriptions reach 500 m. The surface structure of the tomb was enriched with the turquoise glazes of the ornaments of the geometric composition. According to its completion the western part of the tomb is differed. Here the surface was divided into two parts, in the lower part the entrance door was completed in the headarch form but in the above part the ornamental designs were given.

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