Guba Olympic Complex

Hotel: Guba Olympic Complex Hotel
Location: Guba city, Azerbaijan
Price: On request

Guba Olympic Complex Hotel is a unique structure built up in the one of the most picturesque place of Azerbaijan Republic – Guba, and spread up on 18 hectares locating on a highway between Baku city and the region, Guba is one of the nearest district from the capital of our country. One hour and half soft drive from the city center of Baku will bring you to the old land of forests and rivers, mountains and lakes which magnificent view and the crystal clear air will make your visit unforgettable once and forever.

As you probably know Azerbaijan cuisine is one of the most tasteful in the world. The masterships of our chiefs and the taste of the food will take you back throw the centuries where our life is coming from.

Guba Olympic Complex Hotel is considered to be one of the best complexes in Azerbaijan which fully meet the worldwide standards.

Guba Olympic Complex Hotel
Guba Olympic Complex Hotel
Guba Olympic Complex Hotel

Furnished apartments and hotel with a capacity of sixty guests, small and bigger villas will provide you a real home rest and easy atmosphere. Centralized air conditioners, satellite TV system with 26 channels, nonstop bar and restaurant, 24 hours room service are at your convenience any time of the day.

Guba Olympic Complex Hotel is a real paradise for sportsman all ranks levels. Real stadium, according to the standard with a capacity of 5000 spectaculars and heating swimming pool made up to the Olympic standards, natural grass field for mini football, tennis court and covered universal sport ground for 2000 spectaculars for volleyball, basketball, tennis, gymnastics and all others. Full furnished gymnasium hall, two saunas, medical showers are unchangeable places for sportsman and bodybuilders.

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