Grand Nakhchivan Hotel

Hotel: Grand Nakhchivan Hotel
Location: Nakhchivan city, Azerbaijan
Price: On request

The Grand Nakhchivan Hotel is situated in the city of Nakhchivan, 3 km far from Nakhchivan International Airport.

It is 6 storeyed including ground floor. It was constructed in 2001, reconstructed and renovated in 2010.

Grand Nakhchivan Hotel consists of 32 rooms and can receive 84 guests. The hotel is the first class with its 3- suites, 9 rooms of 2 persons and 20 rooms of 3 persons.

Grand Nakhchivan Hotel
Grand Nakhchivan Hotel
Grand Nakhchivan Hotel

The Grand Nakhchivan Hotel provides post and telegraph services, taxi  call service, ticket reservations for various transportation means, tourist excursion service, etc.

There is a cafe-bar which serves to 40 persons on the ground floor of the hotel,  a restaurant for 60 persons on the first floor.

There is a car park in the yard of the building.

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