Duzdag tour

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Duzdagh Physiotherapy Center first started to function as a department with capacity of 50 beds in the Babek Central Hospital in 1978. Taking into account the needs, the capacity of hospital was reached to 100 beds in 1983.  Bronchial asthmas (inflectional-allergic and atopic forms), chronic bronchitis, asthmatic component, chronic bronchitis allergic, allergic rhino sinusoid pathologies, pre-asthma are treated in the center.

The method of treatment is very simple. Patients find healing after sleeping a few nights in beds put in the old salt mines.

The effect of treatment is 95% in children and  75-80% in adults. Patients feel the effectiveness of treatment since the first day of coming to physiotherapeutic center. The center is located at an altitude of 1173m above sea level. In 2006, the underground department of hospital underwent several renovations and thus, it meets the modern standards. To date, it is possible to accept 300 patients in the center at once. Similar treatment centers also exist in other countries as Ukraine, Poland, Kyrgyzstan, and Germany. However, due to a number of advantages of the physiotherapeutic center, Duzdag has no analogue.