Azerbaijan. General information


Official nameRepublic of Azerbaijan
LocationSouth Caucasus, on the western shore of the Caspian Sea, bordering Russia, Iran, Turkey, Georgia, and Armenia
Climatedry, semi-arid steppe
Natural resourcesoil, natural gas, iron ore, nonferrous metals, aluminum
Political systemdemocratic, constitutional, secular, unitary republic
Territory86, 6
Population9593,0 thousand people (as of beginning of 2015)
Official languageAzerbaijani

Sources of the name of the country – Azerbaijan – go back to ancient times. Earliest of known written sources which mention it is the Syrian 6th century chronicle of Karki De Bet Seloh. However, there is a reference to a much earlier source of the 8th century BC about Azerbaijan. It is said in the chronicles: “…Arbak had built the fortification wall that is Adubad in the Median empire named after him the Adorbaigan land “. “Ador Bad Agan” means “a place protected by a deity of fire”. Arabs who came in the region for conquest and to spread Islam named the country “Azer-Baigan“. The further genesis of the word is clear. Azerbaijan is a country with unique geographical, climatic and geopolitical characteristics.

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Azerbaijan. General information
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