Ashabi-Kahf sanctuary tour


Ashabi-Kahf is a sanctuary in the natural cave, between Ilandagh and Nahajir mountains, at 12 km distance from Nakhchivan city. Since ancient times, Ashabi-Kahf has been considered as a sacred place, a kind of altar of people who had faith in the Great God. This sacred place was a place of faith for local people and pilgrims for thousand years. Researches show that Ashabi-Kahf cave mentioned in Holy Koran is in Nakhchivan.

By the task and initiative of Heydar Aliyev, national leader, the renovation works were held in Ashabi-Kahf. An inscription dealing with this was arranged at the entrance of the place of pilgrimage. The inscription says: “The restoration and construction works in the place of pilgrimage were carried out by the task and initiative of Heydar Aliyev, president of the Azerbaijan Republic since 1998”. Later years, as a result of restoration-construction Works, very good conditions were created for the pilgrimages, and a mosque was built for them. Today, the pilgrimages, tourists, and guests from other regions of Azerbaijan and foreign countries visit here.