OFFICIAL NAME Republic of Azerbaijan
LOCATION South Caucasus, on the western shore of the Caspian Sea, bordering Russia, Iran, Turkey, Georgia, and Armenia
CLIMATE dry, semi-arid steppe
NATURAL RESOURCES oil, natural gas, iron ore, nonferrous metals, aluminum
POLITICAL SYSTEM democratic, constitutional, secular, unitary republic
POPULATION 9593,0 thousand people (as of beginning of 2015)


Azerbaijan – a miraculous country with its rich natural resources, and ancient culture, history and people; whose lifestyle presents a unique and harmonious combination of the traditions and ceremonies of many different cultures and civilizations.

Azerbaijan is one of the most ancient sites of human civilization. People have been present here at every stage of their historical development. There were developed settlements in Azerbaijan even at the earliest stages of civilization.

Ilandag - Snake Mountain - Nakhchivan, Azerbaijan
Silent Lake, Samaxi, Azerbaijan
Tengealti canyon, Guba, Azerbaijan

Time has preserved a range of ancient archeological and architectural monuments for our generation. Ancient headstones, manuscripts and examples of carpets, preserved to the present day from ancient ages, can provide much insight to those who can and want to read them. If you wish to understand Azerbaijan and know of its fascinating history and culture, you need to look at this country and its people through the eyes of an old friend.

Azerbaijan has great potential for the development of the tourism industry – with such fascinating sights as ancient cities, palaces, fortresses, mausoleums, and mosques. Azerbaijan has always been famous for its sources of eternal fire – the “atashgehs”. There is a place called Yanardag (blazing mountain) in Absheron and thermal springs in some parts of Nakhichievan, Kelbejar, Masali, Lenkoran, and Babadag provinces.

Maiden Tower, Baku, Azerbaijan

In Surakhani, there is a site of eternal flame. From ancient times, fire worshippers from remote places, and even Indian priests, came to Absheron in search of fire, and found it here. They built large temples here in Surakhani and in Ateshgah.
There are more than 6 thousand historical architectural monuments on the territory of Azerbaijan. The natural climatic conditions of Azerbaijan are also unique. As is well known, 9 climate zones exist in Azerbaijan, out of the 11 in the world.