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Welcome to Azerbaijan, country with its unlimited natural resources, centuries-old culture, history and ancient people, whose lifestyle presents a unique and harmonious combination of the traditions and ceremonies of different cultures and civilizations.

The country with rich ancient history has thousands of places to visit – starting from the capital to the unique villages lost in the clouds. Visitors are attracted by the shores of Absheron. Water of the Caspian Sea, the largest lake in the world, is not that salty as seawater; it is both: pleasant to swim and healing for the skin. In the center of the beach tourism of the Caspian region you can ride a boat, take a trip on the yacht, do some fishing and dive with aqualung. There is a temple of fire worshippers Atashgah on the way to Absheron, in the village of Surakhany, where natural gas has been flaming from time immemorial due to contact with the oxygen.

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The country that had been extracting oil for many centuries has dozens of healing hot mineral springs. But the main peculiarity of medical resorts of Azerbaijan is the unique birthplace of non-burning Naftalan oil, that serves as a natural treatment material with great properties.

The oldest village Khinalig was mentioned in the writings of ancient Greek and Roman historians. They have reserved a unique culture; they speak their own language and wear traditional clothes. The highest and most isolated settlement in the mountains of the Big Caucasus had been inaccessible until recently, but now has turned into a beloved touristy spot.


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